IPERBRASIL - Indústria e Comércio de Alumínio Ltda.


Processing of the aluminium billets to extrusion

Every material to recycling is highly tested, selected and consequently remelted. After the melting process, the billet is processed in billet again.

Aluminium profile extrusion in 6 meters bars

The process of industrialization and transformation of the raw material in the aluminium profile through the arrays is known as extrusion.

Tooling engineering projects

We offer machinery and skilled professionals to develop a tooling project as customers’ needs.

Anodizing and Painting

We count with strategic partnerships in the treatment of the surface. Customer is aware the of the difficulty of finding the service providers that meet deadlines and deliver the products in perfect condition. Thinking about it, we have many products in stock with decorative Anodizing and powder coating in various colors.

Transportation of bars of up 6 meters

Thinking about the customers difficulty in finding transports of aluminum profiles with the size of 6 meters, the Iperbrasil Group entered into partnerships to offer this solution of customer logistics, facilitating and preventing wear in investing time in transport demand for your goods be assured.

Areas serviced: South, Southeast, Central and northeast of the country. External market, the requirement follows directly to our foreign trade department search the best way of shipping.

Specific solutions for the furniture industry as demand

To meet a demanding and changing market, the group is prepared to offer to his customers aluminium profiles already cut and packed as: handles, sliding Rails and pipe racks.

Finished products for the glass and decorative industry.

We develop and assemble finished products for the segment, industrial and decorative glass as: Window kit, Kit Box, balcony, Rod kit, kit for curtains and products for various industries.