IPERBRASIL - Indústria e Comércio de Alumínio Ltda.


The Iperbrasil cares about the environment. Because of this, all industrial procedures are accompanied by trained professionals in monitoring the activities that may in any way harm the environment.

The company has full awareness of the importance in recycling aluminium.

This recycling helps to remove various types of metals on the environment, thus, the Iperbrasil is keen to include this practice in the mix of products. The metals are properly selected, the alloy is corrected and processed into billets for extrusion of the profiles, thus, obtaining an excellent quality in aluminum.

We require that the partners also meet environmental protection standards. An example is that in the anodizing of aluminum profiles, all the water used, is treated and reused in the Anodic process.

The waste of chemical products inserted in the anodizing process, are intended to companies that use them in the production of aluminum sulfate.