IPERBRASIL - Indústria e Comércio de Alumínio Ltda.

About Us


Linha de produção Iperbrasil

The Iperbrasil has an experience, of over than 18 years in the market as an industry of aluminium profile and services aggregates.

Dedicated to produce aliminium profiles with an extreme quality and secure provenance of raw materials, the Iperbrasil stands out in many areas of civil construction, furniture industry, sourcing to many Great resell, locksmiths, deposits of construction, hardware shops, stained glass Windows, shops of decoration, aluminum frames industries, industrial profiles and profiles with customized projects.

Founded and administrated by the same people until today, the Iperbrasil is a familiar company, that began your activities in the first years of 90´s decade.

With administration of results, accumulation of experiences and partnerships, the gained a significant structural growing and development through the years. 

Modern machineries, highly compromised and qualified professionals, provides an productive process with an extreme effectiveness, our production process comes from the project development tooling up the aluminum profile extrusion and surface treatment. we deliver the products directly to the customer in many States of the country, also offering logistics solutions to the consumer.

The company also operates in the exportation of world renowned profiles, covering the MERCOSUR and associated countries.

The partners of the Iperbrasil are in the cities of Rolândia and Cambé (Metropolitan region of Londrina) in the North of Paraná about 400 km from the capital, Curitiba. The region is an industrial pole of the most diverse areas and Iperbrasil prides itself on being a pioneer in the field of aluminium profiles, has today approximately 400 direct and indirect collaborators.

Mission, vision and values Iperbrasil


The Iperbrasil was born with the Mission of running a business with products promising area with 100% recyclable raw material, high aesthetic appeal and added value.

Our commitment is to offer quality products and services and practicality combined with a service of excellence to customers and partners.

Produce and use sustainable and rational aluminum is our obligation.


Be a company objective.

Take a care of customer excellence, with an emphasis on the consumer market.

Stand out as a responsible and reliable company to the client.


We believe that fair and reliable work is good for everyone.

• We respect and value the human being

• We are committed to quality

• We work transparently

• Respect the environment

• Adopt the posture of commercial and social ethics