IPERBRASIL - Indústria e Comércio de Alumínio Ltda.


The Iperbrasil has strategic partnerships for business. Our partners are:

Roland Transportes, Mobile Transportes,

Aiming to facilitate and optimize our logistics, we opted to choose long- erm partnerships and great professionalism. Thus, we can deliver our products with the greatest possible care and agility that the customer deserves.

Perfilsul Alumínio

As well as the Iperbras, the Perfilsul Represents Iperbrasil industry commercially, with sales of aluminium profiles for stained glass Windows, decorating stores, resellers of aluminum, joinery, among other deposits.

Aquarela Alumínio e Iperbras Filial Anodização e pintura.

The Aquarela it is a strategic partner. Delevops all the surface treatment to the aluminium profiles, as anodizing and painting as well.
The Aquarela also develops the cutting, digging, and assembling of the finished products to the furniture, glass and decorative industries.

Iperbras Alumínio

Represents commercially all the line of the products that the Iperbrasil develops.
The Iperbras it is a pioneer company at the distance selling of aluminio profiles.
Has an experienced team with a great vocation to assist any customer and his need.