IPERBRASIL - Indústria e Comércio de Alumínio Ltda.

The Iperbrasil

Operário em empresa de fundição

The Iperbrasil has an experience, of over than 18 years in the market.

Founded and administrated by the same people until today, the Iperbrasil is a familiar company, that began your activities in the first years of 90´s decade.

The units are in the cities of Rolândia and Cambé (Metropolitan region of Londrina) in the North of Paraná about 400 km from the capital, Curitiba.

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The Iperbrasil cares about the environment. Because of this, all industrial procedures are accompanied by trained professionals in monitoring the activities that may in any way harm the environment.

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Our commitment is to provide products and services of quality and practicality combined with an excellent service to customers and partners.

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